Sunday, January 30

A Narcissist's Day: Lava Love

Saturday, I awoke, had breakfast (cereal, and a PBJ English muffin), watched the morning news television programs while replying to email and organizing my medical records. After which, I irrigated my nose, then had a bath. While soaking, I finished reading a "controversial" magazine article about carbohydrates, calories and fat.

Taking care of myself and the duties involved, I was having a narcissist's day. This meant attending to my flu by staying hydrated: water, coffee, tea--me!

Throughout the day, I did chores: laundry, dishes, shoveled the car out of the show. I contacted family: email by day; phone by night.

From lunch (a leftovers sampler) to dinner (a well-done turkey burger [jerk seasoning, raw egg, crushed pretzel sticks, and dried parsley] covered with jalapenos, mozzarella, and tomato), I finalized what I would do with the acorn squash purchased a week or so ago. I knew that I had to blog about something, to stop procrastinating, stop watching the on-demand videos that were distracting me from the riotous calls for radical change.

To escape the chaos a continent away, I thought I should stop thinking and start creating. I set the ingredients out the counter adjacent to the refrigerator. Later in the evening, I would make Lava Love.

Lava Love [ingredients]
Lava Love

 -- Light Cream
 -- Peeled Tomato (hastily mashed [with a fork])  
 -- Acorn Squash (quartered, boiled, fleshed-out)
 -- Butter (stick)  
 -- Pecan (dry toasted, pestled into pieces)

Lava Love

Today (Sunday, 6:30 am), before I made this journal entry into the blog, I decided that I should grab my grocery list and go to the twenty-four hour supermarket--and fill-up the car's gas tank (more snow this week???). However, I decided that before leaving to run these errands, I should prep for breakfast.

Southwest Philly Steak & Eggs [ingredients]

Southwest Philly Steak and Eggs

  -- Corn Tortillas (flash-fried after cut into eighth chips, seasoned with chili powder and lime juice)

  -- Firm Tofu (cubed, pre-/post-marinated in cayenne sauce, flash-fried)

  -- Beef Roast (cubed, pan-fried)
  -- Egg (whisked)
  -- Tomato (diced)
  -- Cilantro (dried)
  -- Tofu (added)

  -- Cream Cheese (softened)
  -- Jalapeno (chopped)
Southwest Philly Steak & Eggs
I noted to myself, "by Sunday's end, I must sweep and mop the kitchen floor!!!"

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