Thursday, January 6

When Light is Not Enough

Yesterday (January 5, 2011), for lunch, I had a homemade salad. The salad was comprised of:
  • iceberg lettuce
  • tomato
  • tuna fish
  • chives
  • banana pepper
  • mayonnaise/blue cheese fusion/coating
  • two [½] deviled eggs [details...]
Looking at this picture, I wonder if I was deluding myself about the caloric [and carbohydrate] intake and the costs associated with this meal, a meal that made my stomach grumble hours before dinner time.
DELUSIONAL DIETING Clockwise from top left: sports drink, chocolate chip cookies, bottled
water, stayman apple, salad, crackers
Could this be a product advertisement for a pharmaceutical company?
"When light is not enough."

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