Sunday, January 16

Hunting for Groceries

Saturday afternoon was spent hunting for groceries.  My plan was to come home with vegetables to make a soup (I did obtain a couple of acorn squash and spaghetti squash), but I came home with the essentials needed for the week.

I started with produce markets...

Then the grocery stores...

Roughly four hours within a ten mile radius, five stores in total.  (I have one more this afternoon.)  Living in a well diversified community (culturally socioeconomic), there are opportunities to discover and replenish supplies "authentically" (contextual experience and product packaging)--and to learn what is "quality" (dietary/taste/quantity/safety) in relation to competitive pricing.

Once home, I put away the groceries, washed the remaining dishes, then prepared my dinner: Blue Plate Special [revisited]:

"Blue Plate Special [revisited]"

Pork Chop (braised); Olive Oil, Jalapeno (wheels), Mushroom (button caps sliver-slices), Cilantro (minced); Cheddar Cheese (sticks); Green Beans (packaged); Dinner Roll (toasted, butter).

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