Sunday, January 2

Mind and Body

What a launch!  You and I have just witnessed my blood sugars skyrocket! 

For dinner I had a pork chop encrusted with blue cornmeal.  The pork chop lay upon a bed of bok choy and wide egg noodles coated with butter and freshly chopped chives, blanketed with Buna-shimeji mushrooms.
"Blue Plate Special"

About a half hour later (8:45pm), I had a bowl of bran flakes and a few spoonfuls of apple pie.  I will spend the next several hours coming back down to Earth, back to a decent C-Level (carb-count). 

What a trajectory.  Just a few more yummy leftovers to go.  I am almost out of holiday (mental) mode.  Just a few more bites?!?!? before my head gets put on a spike!?!?!

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