Tuesday, January 11

Mundane Monday

A somewhat typical evening...

My son and I planned for a pizza dinner. Usually he and I have a manic first day of the work week full of problems-a-plenty, warranting solutions-a-simple. He likes his pizza plain, whereas I am about the toppings. We are both particular about the pizza dough.

For my son, the issue is about taste and texture. While he has not the wherewithal to know the exact combination of spices, the crispness of the dough has to be somewhere between a heated bagel and a piece of toast. For me, the issue is all about the flour. There must be little to no semolina (durum) used in the dough. Semolina is high in carbohydrates. One durum slice can cause my blood sugar to skyrocket. The crust alone can double the count.

Nevertheless, we voraciously enjoyed our dinner, after which he completed his homework before vitamin, ice cream and hot chocolate. I had coffee and tea (mulberry). There were few dishes for me to wash, only those from breakfast. The day concluded with a ninety-minute wind down: TV, bath, debrief/story with mommy, some silent reading before bed.

Mundanity in the best-est.

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