Saturday, April 30

A Pottage Posture: A Telling Tale

For the last two weeks, I plodded through the day--clothes wrinkled, as unkempt as my humor. "How are you now brown cow," I asked myself as I slouched in my ergonomic office chair.

Decaffeinated (hyper-unaware), I grazed through the hours, interspersed with distractions: data cleanup, webpage updates, workflow troubleshooting, tech support, customer service, and online social networking. Placid ambiance was audible: music to my ears. I put on my earbuds to listen to talk, staving off my drowsiness, averting a full-body shutdown. I coaxed myself to get a coffee.

My eyes popped open. I am alarmed--a spontaneous nap for me!!! I had conked out sitting flat-back in the chair next to my son's bed as he "hushed" in his sleep. The biography I thought I was reading lay at my feet. I placed a bookmark randomly before going downstairs.

I started the laptop, plugged in the portable speakers, selected a playlist, put on my sweatpants and shirt, stumbled over to the rowing machine, and oared for ten minutes. Adrenalinated, I checked my blood sugar, then snacked, then washed some dishes while summarizing the preparation for a Scruffy Crock Purloo.

Scruffy Crock Purloo

Scruffy Crock Purloo

Mushrooms: Button Cap (diced, boiled in butter)
Artichokes (boiled, leaves raked, heart minced)
Purple Pickling Onions (soaked in filtered water until shooting or liquid color resembles the onion's;
     rinse away dirt, peel top layers of silky skin)
Onion Stock (sieved through cheesecloth, removing any silt and skin)

Artichoke | Mushrooms | Purple Pickling Onions

Rice (boiled in onion stock)

Oven Roaster Chicken (plump, slow cooked)
Thyme Sprigs (under the skin)
Artichoke Stock

Chicken and Thyme
 Green Beans (frozen)

Monday, April 11

Haute Meatloaf

By a guest's request for admittance into the culinarian's archive, this recipe is influened by the promotion from a influential contemporary who is the glory as well as the keeper of the gate. The promotion (inverted request) was for a meatloaf made out of ground turkey and oatmeal.

Here is another attempt at glory! Hopefully this meal will please the keeper of the ¡¡gate!!

Haute Meatloaf
     -- Ground Turkey/Oatmeal
Ground Turkey/Oatmeal
     -- Tarragon (minced)
     -- Goat Cheese
     -- Roasted Red Pepper (chopped)
Tarragon, Goat Cheese, Roasted Red Pepper

Into the mixing bowl.

NOTE: Include plain bread crumbs.

Into the loaf dish. 

Pre-baked loaf at room temperature.

Bake twenty minutes. Dowse with grapseed oil. Bake twenty minutes.

Settle for fifteen minutes. Slice. Toast.

On the Side

     -- Carrot (circles)
     -- Red Onion (diced)
     -- Olive Oil

     -- Crisp Bread (multigrain)

Haute Meatloaf with Carrots and Crisp Bread

Tuesday, April 5

Moody Monday--Having [No] Fun

A typical start of the day: breakfast, pack lunches for my son and I.

Mama Tostada: corn tortilla, mushroom (olive oil, lemon juice), banana,
chili pepper (dried)

He got to school on-time, and I to the office (without having to canvas the neighborhood for a parking space).

Smiling Tostada: corn tortilla, watercress, almond butter, cantaloupe

At my desk working (synchronizing databases), I am feeling sluggish.  Acid reflux--not the best, but not the worst start of the week, I am pacing myself.

Monstah Poena-Crania Tostada: corn tortilla, grapefruit (pink), ketchup, hotdog, onion,
peanuts, watermelon

I think I have a migraine.  Good news!  There has been a new methodology for the importing of data that will be implemented within a week.  I must prepare ASAP.  My skull implodes, eradicating my excruciating headache.  I feel much better.

Pixie-Taurus Tostada: corn tortilla, cactus, mineola, sun dried tomato

Dinner was a delight; the evening, a tumultuous tizzy.

The Mashup Medley Tostada: corn tortilla, mushroom (olive oil, lemon juice),
banana, chili pepper (dried), watercress, almond butter, cantaloupe, grapefruit (pink),
ketchup, hotdog, onion, peanuts, watermelon, cactus, mineola, sun dried tomato,
[cheddar cheese (on the side)]