Saturday, February 26

Attic Rummage Addressing Wounds

During the past ten days, I have been coming to terms with the details of my writer's block--culling the notion, the actuality of a chronic contagion, the management thereof, diplomatizing my immunity system.

Because of this life-threatening bacteria, I was put into hospital as an emergency patient. Pus oozed from the abscesses on my leg (right shin), which had swelled far beyond what my jealous ego would allow.

Such a revelation for me, not so for the physicians who prescribed the antibiotics and scheduled the surgery to remove pus-balls lodged near my tibia as I had witnessed during my morpheme localized-language anesthesia-articulated haze.

Agglutinative cogent cursed (con)fusion, a skeletal motor-cycle--this is my hell on meals. Let me rev up my chompers. "VROOM," I ached, burrowing my fears, while visualizing this recipe.

Tibia Shmibula (ingredients)
Tibia Shmibula Casserole
Vegetable Spray/Olive Oil
Red Potato Slices (fried)
Oregano Leafs/Shallot/Sun Dried Tomato (all freshly minced)
Blue Cheese (crumbled)
Chicken Legs (parboiled, flash-fried)
Red Bell Pepper (julienne)
Yellow Cherry Tomatoes
Smoked Provolone (sliced)
Tibia Shmibula Casserole (plated)

A constant case history, this persistent pestilence--flushed from the rush undermining recovery, I sit back, validate, moderate, purge.

Thursday, February 10

Phinicky Sports Fan

These recipes are an expression to help cope with the demographic social pressures that are attributed to an obstinate/abstinent heterosexual male who is a non-practicing Catholic, who is a Phinicky sports fan who presently dislikes watching the game.

Hounds of Philly
  • Soft Pretzel (sliced, toasted lightly)
  • Hot Dog (split down the middle, pan fried)
  • Eggs (scrambled) with Oregano
  • Mozzarella (shaved)
  • Quince (cubes) in Tomato Sauce

Coated and Smothered Passion in the Sty
  • Spice Mix (fennel, chives, cilantro)
  • Pork Chop
  • Corn Niblets (caramelized)
  • Sunflower Seeds (pan toasted)
  • Duck Gizzard (thinly sliced)
  • Rice with Ginger (grated)
  • White Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Sour Cream

NOTE: I made these two recipes [Hounds of Philly, Coated and Smothered Passion in the Sty] Sunday, February 6, 2011.

Sunday, February 6

So Nice, Made Twice

When I went to the supermarket on Friday to replenish my supply of mineral water for the weekend, I discovered that there was a one-day sale on avocados and lemons. Yippee!!! I gathered a spectrum of (un)ripe haas and a mesh sack of eurekas.

Haas and Eurekas

Early this morning, before sunrise, I had a hankering. For what? Guacamole! Well, what did I do? I listened to the birdie within me, took a step back, and then conjured this recipe.

New Yum, New Yum: So Nice, Made Twice

  • NY-1: Flounder fillet, plantain (diced), olive oil/filtered water (simmer saute)
  • NY-2: Chicken Thigh fillet, plantain (diced), fried
  • Guacamole: avocado, sour cream, lemon juice

  • The Amazing Frying Corn Chips!  (Lotsa Mole)

  • Corn Tortillas (pie-cut slices): fried, sprinkled with a pestled sea salt/mole mixture
    [NOTE: NY-1 did not include the chips, or jalapenos.]
The idea to use plantain in this recipe came from a take-out meal from Thursday night. The plantain was voluminous enough to sate my early morning need for fulfillment. The chips (and the chicken) made for a dense breakfast; however, the density tampered the intensity of the guacamole.

New Yum Chicken
A fine dine, a sustenant start, and a reminder to return to a fantastical land.