Friday, January 14

A Crank's Callings

I spent most of Wednesday being cranky.  From the time I had awakened through the time I went to bed, before and after work, I seemed to made a quite mess of things [non-mentionable] rather quickly.

That evening, I started to log the ingredient combinations from the last two months, while attentively watching TV, then internet video (IV).  I did not  begin to progress in scribing the documentation until this early morning.  Then I had the urge to snack, which I needed to hold-off until my regularly scheduled breakfast feed.  I held-off by scavenging my refrigerator and creating another recipe.

Ray[monde]'s Morning Mush

  1. Cassava/Olive Oil/Filtered Water
    (slow reduction, food process to smooth the bits into pudding consistency)

  2. Salmon/Olive Oil/Chives (air-dried crumble)/Corn Niblets

  3. Sunny Side Up Egg

  4. Ground Nutmeg

  5. Beverages: Coffee (french roast), Tea (mountain)

  6. Ray[monde]'s Morning Mush
To cook, I rummaged through the sink to find pans, utensils and lids.


This evening (Thursday), I will need to clean--and get back to the IV, and continue logging my ingredient combinations....TGIF???

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