Friday, June 24

A Work's Progress

Is not a work in progress the purpose of aging?

This assessment concerning fortuitous time (quality of life) hit me on the head like a brick--material or spiritual progress: physical/ethereal, visceral/intellectual, weighty/lofty, fickle/wise, dense/intense...?

While I had not this question in mind when concocting this comfort food, this recipe was the result of my concerns regarding the cure for my chronic health situation. What treatment, the course of action I should progress, and for what purpose. I needed to determine not only my own fortuity and quality, but also for those with whom I wish to share the burden--to what level (density/intensity), to what extent (proportionately)--before spoiling the experience.

The recipe that follows might add some insight as to how to work through progress--just do not (repeat "do not") drop this confection from a multistory building into a populated area comprised of people.

Breakfast Brick
Cantaloupe (food-processed)
Ricotta Cheese
Sour Cream
Flour (enriched)
Egg Yolks
Basil Leaf (minced)
Chia Seed
Flame Grapes (raisins mixed in)
Almond Butter (on the side)
Breakfast Brick

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