Monday, May 23

A Cross Section Dinner P[l]an

My physician and her assistant were able to prescribe me a temporary solution for my headache(s) by appending another medication to my pharmaceutical list, while I await the surgical solution: Grand Rounds II--the Follow Up. This episode is the result of taking the least evasive option (operation) to avoid a statistical disaster.

RHETORICAL QUESTION: Is prolonging the quality of life prolonging the inevitable?

Such a fatalism is the reason why I decided not to become a doctor, lawyer, or correctional services administrator; however, being an (arrogant) artist seems to be an adequate metaphorical substution--as if.

Which [way] takes me to the recipe for this posting...[?]

Choice Chump Chop (This is my Brain on Food)
  1. Watermelon (bite-size [sauteed, raw])
    Ancho Chile (diced, ground)
    Yogurt (plain)

  2. Filini Pasta
    Cut String Beans
    Celery Seed
    Fontina (local)
    Olive Oil

  3. Pork (hind loin steak)
    Sea Salt (powder)
    Olive Oil

  4. Octopus (pantry pulpo)
    Eggplant (peeled, sauteed)
    Olive Oil
    Lemon Juice
Choice Chump Chop (This is My Brain on Food)

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