Thursday, May 19

Clinical Clusters: Radiating Radicals

From day into night, from night into day--a numbing smarts, stunning brain activity--I have a persistent headache that is causing double-vision, which blurs back into a single view causing my teeth to grit the truth without me saying a word.

To alleviate this exhaustive mental activity, I fall back into my chair, roll back my eyes, and pass out, or (when there is a table or desk in front of me) I set my chin onto the palm of my hand and use my forearm as a pedestal, prominenting my grimaced mouth and squinting eyelids. After the gnashing, I feed myself without much care given to dietary details or hunger pangs.

However, as I venture off seizurely, dizzily confused in my daze, in a state of symptomatic distraction, I composed this recipe.

Excruciating Egg(s)
     -- Chicken Wings [Ulna/Radius]: boiled with crushed garlic
     -- Turkey Bacon: wrapping
Sauteed [low flame in cast-iron skillet]
     -- Pineapple: softened, slightly browned, pulse-blended
     -- Olive Oil/Filtered Water
Not Pictured
     -- Smoked Gouda: shaved
     -- Eggs: sunny-side
     -- Croissant

Excrutiating Eggs

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