Saturday, April 30

A Pottage Posture: A Telling Tale

For the last two weeks, I plodded through the day--clothes wrinkled, as unkempt as my humor. "How are you now brown cow," I asked myself as I slouched in my ergonomic office chair.

Decaffeinated (hyper-unaware), I grazed through the hours, interspersed with distractions: data cleanup, webpage updates, workflow troubleshooting, tech support, customer service, and online social networking. Placid ambiance was audible: music to my ears. I put on my earbuds to listen to talk, staving off my drowsiness, averting a full-body shutdown. I coaxed myself to get a coffee.

My eyes popped open. I am alarmed--a spontaneous nap for me!!! I had conked out sitting flat-back in the chair next to my son's bed as he "hushed" in his sleep. The biography I thought I was reading lay at my feet. I placed a bookmark randomly before going downstairs.

I started the laptop, plugged in the portable speakers, selected a playlist, put on my sweatpants and shirt, stumbled over to the rowing machine, and oared for ten minutes. Adrenalinated, I checked my blood sugar, then snacked, then washed some dishes while summarizing the preparation for a Scruffy Crock Purloo.

Scruffy Crock Purloo

Scruffy Crock Purloo

Mushrooms: Button Cap (diced, boiled in butter)
Artichokes (boiled, leaves raked, heart minced)
Purple Pickling Onions (soaked in filtered water until shooting or liquid color resembles the onion's;
     rinse away dirt, peel top layers of silky skin)
Onion Stock (sieved through cheesecloth, removing any silt and skin)

Artichoke | Mushrooms | Purple Pickling Onions

Rice (boiled in onion stock)

Oven Roaster Chicken (plump, slow cooked)
Thyme Sprigs (under the skin)
Artichoke Stock

Chicken and Thyme
 Green Beans (frozen)

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