Thursday, November 17

RECALIBRATE: Quelling Agitation (Digestive Disrupt)

Dreadful to get out of bed (off the couch) in the morning--or should I say, full of dread when I get out of bed this (every) morning since.... A sluggish stress across my chest--too heavy. I have a normal blood sugar level and a moderate blood pressure--adequate sleep--yet the solar and coronary plexuses are perplexing, aching my stomach and heart, breaking my sentences of thought.

Should I have returned to feed upon an old chum, a culinary musing, who remains swimmingly delicious, who for some reason turned from pleasantly peptic to atrociously septic, tanking what used to be my flash face, to flush. Now my chum is an estranged mate, a reflux/reflex that I find repulsive while I sleep through the night--a disruptive gurgle as I sleep through the night, and an acidic awakening--cramped in bed. How do I savor the sated moments we had together.

A fret and afraid, I phoned the doctor who was on call, who recommended that I cease my frenzied relationship with my toothsome friend--the shark who was a convivial contact, who was a gnashing flame: chum-luscious lava flowing through my gorge. I was encouraged to heed, to at least find a hum-drum recipe, frothy with placidity--although possibly a venture mercurial in nature, hopefully, now and then, a comfortable bid goodnight.

Nubilous Innocuous To Be Prepared

Lilly Flower
Baby Arugula
Wheat Noodles
Vine Ripe Tomato (thickly sliced)
Tuna Steak (cubed)
Whole Milk
Mountain Gorgonzola (melted)

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