Friday, September 2

Clearance Level

For the past two weeks, my concern, the obsession for the latter part of August, has been the consuming of enough dietary fiber--a discomforting, but welcomed distraction from thinking about the upcoming surgery to remove the glands that are producing high levels of cortisol in my body. Coping through constipation, to some extent, is a relief, is better than escaping reality through a blog that is supposed to be autobiographical verbatim, which raises the question, am I actually constipated? I cannot, as of yet to anyone online, provide distended proof! How do I? I would like to maintain my credibility!

Anyhow, this digestive system has blocked my creative flow, putting me behind schedule in posting to the blog. I have been feeding on fibrous foods (grains, vegetables, and pulses) while attempting to cut back on the carbohydrates. The underlying duress, due to the pending surgery, is preoccupying my subconscious attention, disrupting my focus in "subverting the system."

In my endeavor to add more dietary fiber into my meals (bran flakes, corn, butter beans), I was able to research and develop a recipe that I find delicious. [NOTE: seek out a nutritionist.]

Adrenal Casserole
Green Cabbage Leaf [spine removed]
-- boiled (filtered water with sea salt)
Salami [sliced wafer thin]
-- pan-fried (olive oil)
-- goat cheese (dollop)
Wheat Pasta
-- twirled stacks
-- strands as borders*
Basa Fillet
-- braised (olive oil and filtered water)
-- oregano sprinkles
-- lemon juice drips
White Onion [wilted slivers]
-- sauteed (butter and filtered water)
-- tomato sauce (balsamic vinegar)

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