Monday, April 11

Haute Meatloaf

By a guest's request for admittance into the culinarian's archive, this recipe is influened by the promotion from a influential contemporary who is the glory as well as the keeper of the gate. The promotion (inverted request) was for a meatloaf made out of ground turkey and oatmeal.

Here is another attempt at glory! Hopefully this meal will please the keeper of the ¡¡gate!!

Haute Meatloaf
     -- Ground Turkey/Oatmeal
Ground Turkey/Oatmeal
     -- Tarragon (minced)
     -- Goat Cheese
     -- Roasted Red Pepper (chopped)
Tarragon, Goat Cheese, Roasted Red Pepper

Into the mixing bowl.

NOTE: Include plain bread crumbs.

Into the loaf dish. 

Pre-baked loaf at room temperature.

Bake twenty minutes. Dowse with grapseed oil. Bake twenty minutes.

Settle for fifteen minutes. Slice. Toast.

On the Side

     -- Carrot (circles)
     -- Red Onion (diced)
     -- Olive Oil

     -- Crisp Bread (multigrain)

Haute Meatloaf with Carrots and Crisp Bread

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